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Our Mission.

We provide high quality concrete products along with unmatched customer service, delivering value to our customers.

  • We provide customers with the highest quality concrete products in terms of strength and durability.
  • We continuously improve our product designs to ensure that our range will compliment any landscaping project.
  • We support our products with exceptional customer service and fast turnaround on all orders.

Our Experience.

For over 20 years, Outback Sleepers Australia has been a leading manufacturer of concrete sleepers for use in retaining walls and to this day remains a South Australian family-owned and operated company.  The director, Michael Ineson, has worked closely with precast concrete products since the 1990’s and this experience shows in the products we sell.

Over the years, we have risen to become one of the biggest names in concrete sleeper manufacturing in Australia. Our range includes Concrete Sleepers, Under Fence Plinths and Concrete Step Kits which we supply to both the trade and the general public. With over 3 million sleepers sold, our products are a familiar sight in many homes around Australia.


There’s A Product For Every Project.

Our business was initially established to cater to the growing market for retaining walls in Adelaide, beginning with the idea of adding colours and patterns to concrete sleepers. The aim was to create a modern and desirable sleeper to help people with their building and landscaping projects.

Today we offer a wide range of colours and designs with Outback Sleepers Australia giving you complete creative freedom. From the classic ‘Cove’ to our flagship ‘Kensington’ sleeper, we will have a style that suits your landscape and will bring beauty and value to your home.

What Makes Our Sleepers Better.

We believe in quality manufacturing at every stage. Outback Sleepers Australia recognised right from the beginning the importance of continually improving to ensure our products match the requirements of home builders and landscapers in Australia. We use the latest manufacturing technology and continuously improve our methods to keep on top of new trends and developments in our field.

Our modern manufacturing techniques allow us to provide customers with sleepers that use industry-leading 60MPa concrete. They easily surpass the Australian standard and the strength of our competitors’ products, making them the most durable retaining wall concrete sleepers on the market.


Exceptional Service. Fast Order Turnaround.

Outback Sleepers proudly manufacture all our products at our own Lonsdale factory with the state-of-the-art facility providing us with remarkably consistent product quality.

We pride ourselves on having extensive production capabilities, which allows us to provide a quick turnaround time from date of order to delivery. We will help ensure your landscaping project remains on schedule.

Our friendly staff are only a call away to discuss your design requirements and provide expert advice. We can organise the delivery of concrete sleepers as well as all the retaining wall steel required to finish your project perfectly.

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