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Get the best quality sleepers as under fence plinths for your fence in Adelaide from Outback Sleepers Australia. We are a proudly South Australian owned and managed business that began as a humble attempt to build sleepers through a small backyard production. Over the years, we have increased capacity and have evolved with the ever-growing construction technologies available. We have also adapted Australian Standards that help us developed our best sleepers yet. Let us know how we could help you in your landscaping and retaining wall project by calling us at (08) 8387 9227 or send us an online enquiry here. You may also email us at or browse through our galleries and Facebook page to see our products, portfolio and successful projects with past and current clients.

Adelaide Under Fence Plinths

Durable Fence Base with Adelaide Under Fence Plinths

Benefit with sturdy Adelaide under fence plinths to support your fencing system and cover gaps in your neighbours fence. Along with the recent expansion to Melbourne, expect us to have distribution presence in Adelaide soon. Our UFP finish comes in three different designs: Blackwood, Brighton, and Lonsdale. You can select among these designs based on the colour of your fence. You can stack up to two UFPs maximum and they are relatively easy to install. If you need assistance, you may also call us to inquire about our recommended installers who can do the job professionally on your behalf. You may also ask about the nearest distributor in your area or you can simply use our online search tool here. Get in touch with us for a free quote or to book a pick-up or delivery for your UFP orders.

Engineered for Your Needs

When doing construction projects, it is important to check that you are using materials that comply with Australian Standards. Our products at Outdoor Sleepers Australia are all rated at 60MPa making them compliant to AS 3600 – Concrete Structures standard. This is true across the country where we also serve in Melbourne and soon in Adelaide. We have engineered our products to be lightweight and stronger than ever before, withstanding more stress efficiently. This is a result of our years of experience and research. Our team of experts are always very accommodating to answer your questions or give advice to you for your projects. We want you to achieve the perfect fencing and retaining walls by providing top of the line sleepers and under fence plinths that are both highly functional and great to look at. Start your landscaping projects today and let Outback Sleepers take care of your materials for you.

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Do you have gaps in your fence that you need to cover? Purchase Adelaide under fence plinths from Outback Sleepers by dialing (08) 8387 9227.

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