Caring for Your Sleepers

Caring for Your Sleepers

Our concrete sleepers are an extremely strong and robust building product that will last for many years. To meet the Australian Standard of AS3600/2018 we have to manufacture the sleeper so that it can achieve a 50-year product lifespan.

There are a few basic care principles that everybody needs to adhere to, to ensure that the sleepers look their best and perform to their capabilities.
  • DO follow the installation guides in our Product Guide on how to build your retaining wall


  • DO use plastic (Foticon) behind the sleepers before backfilling the wall;

If plastic is not used, then Efflorescence may occur if excess water gets behind the sleepers.


  • DO use an Agi drain at the base of the wall to allow drainage


  • DO NOT scrub the face of the sleepers to remove dirt or stains;

Use a light garden hose to soften the dirt or stain and remove by hand (if possible).


  • DO NOT use a pressure hose to clean the sleepers;

Pressure hoses can open up the capillaries in the concrete which can lead to Efflorescence occurring in the sleepers 


  • DO NOT use any chemical solutions to clean the sleepers (other than Efflorescence Remover)

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