Now Stocking – Steel Beams

Now Stocking – Steel Beams


We are now stocking Galvanised 120 UB & 150 UB Steel posts at our Lonsdale warehouse. We keep plenty in stock to make sure we have everything you need to complete your project in a timely manor.

We can supply any other size and type of steel required for your project. Generally, this will be for walls that are designed by an engineer, with the size and type of steel required stated on the walls technical specifications.

Get your retaining wall steel delivered with your sleepers and save time and money. Most importantly, we will ensure that you receive high-quality steel posts and most importantly, the correct steel type** required for your retaining wall.

Need your steel on site before your sleepers? Talk to the our friendly office staff about our Steel Only delivery service.

Contact the sales office on 08 8387 9227 or for a price today.


galvanised c channel steel

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