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Outback Sleepers Australia was established in January 2000 in Adelaide, South Australia. Within a few short years, we’ve grown to become one of the largest suppliers of high-quality concrete sleepers for retaining walls in South Australia. Outback Sleepers Australia recently expanded their operations into Melbourne.

The success of Outback Sleepers Australia is attributed to the directional leadership of company founder and general manager Michael Ineson. In the early years, Michael worked as a fencing and retaining wall contractor. Michael worked with a prominent pre-cast concrete manufacturer in Adelaide as a supervisor and during this time he envisioned the idea of manufacturing coloured and patterned concrete sleepers for retaining walls.

Adelaide Retaining Wall Costs

In 1996, Michael enlisted the help of a pattern maker to help produce sleepers in a variety of patterns. They started their humble beginnings in the backyard of a home and produced 10 sleepers per week, mixing concrete in a small household concrete mixer, adding colour’s and vibrating the sleepers by hand. Today Outback Sleepers Australia specialises in concrete sleepers to precast concrete wall panels and everything in between.

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Patterned concrete merchandise from Outback Sleepers Australia now comes in a range of products from precast concrete steps to precast concrete wall panels and everything in between. There is also a wide range of supporting building materials available for purchase, such as under fence plinths and steel support posts.

Outback Sleepers Australia’s detailed services and products provide exemplary performance, quality reproduction and manufacture of Adelaide retaining wall costs. Positive testimonials have been pouring in as we continue to offer our best-selling authentic products in accordance to the required standards of the Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures. Our newly developed mobile application gives an immediate response to our clients when they request for their orders.

Our services are known to be one of the best in Australia in terms of providing our customers with leading Adelaide retaining wall costs. We have high standards in the manufacturing of our concrete sleepers, and which is why we’re able to successfully deliver our sleepers every time.

Discovering The Process For Ordering An Adelaide Retaining Wall Costs

If you need help with installing your new concrete sleepers and retaining wall but don’t know who to employ to do it, we’re well connected within the industry and are happy to recommend a local business to install your retaining wall. If this advice could help you, please just ask us! We always love seeing how our concrete sleepers transform your completed landscape design, so please feel free to send through photos of your completed landscapes.

How To Order Adelaide Retaining Wall Costs

Outback Sleepers Australia is your local one stop shop for any retaining wall project. Call us on (08) 8387 9227, or send our staff an email to select the products you are interested in.

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