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Welcome to Outback Sleepers Australia, Mt Gambier’s leading high-quality concrete sleepers and retaining walls provider. With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in delivering strong and aesthetically pleasing solutions perfectly suited to the distinctive landscape of Mt Gambier and its neighbouring areas.

Our selection of products, featuring the sought-after Lonsdale, Kensington, and McLaren collections, among others, is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of both residential and commercial environments in Mt Gambier

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Our Concrete Sleepers Product Range for  Retaining Walls

Explore our categories of products, each tailored to different property types and lifestyle needs. Our concrete sleepers, available for local pickup in multiple areas, including Sydney and Adelaide, are quality assured to a minimum 60MPa for unmatched strength and style for every Mt. Gambier landscape.

Why Choose Our Concrete Sleepers?

At Outback Sleepers, our dedication to superior quality and cutting-edge design is evident in each sleeper we produce, including our sandstone and charcoal concrete retaining choices. Specially designed to endure the distinct environmental challenges of Mt Gambier, our sleepers combine robust build quality with versatile aesthetics, ensuring not just a visually pleasing look but also enduring strength with little maintenance required.

Experience the robustness and beauty of our sleepers, engineered for functionality and aesthetic charm, making them ideal for outdoor settings in Mt Gambier.

Reinforcing Bars
Enhanced with 2 x N10 reinforcement bars for superior structural integrity, our sleepers resist rot and degradation unlike traditional timber. *Cribs feature 1 x N10 bar for optimal support.

50 Year Product Lifespan
We manufacture our sleepers to the Australian standard AS3600/2018, which means that our sleepers are designed for a 50-year product lifespan, ensuring longevity and lifetime value.

Exceptional Strength
Our sleepers’ 60 MPa concrete strength sets an industry benchmark, offering 50% more strength than the standard 40 MPa (based on equivalent dimensions), making them a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to timber slabs for outdoor use.

Benefits of Our Retaining Walls Sleepers

Our retaining wall sleepers are specially designed for the distinctive environment of Mt. Gambier, blending exceptional durability with aesthetic versatility. Engineered to endure the region’s unique volcanic soil and variable climate, our sleepers have a 60 MPa strength rating, surpassing the industry standard by 50%. This ensures they can withstand Mt. Gambier’s weather fluctuations, while their design complements the city’s mix of historic limestone architecture and contemporary styles.

Ease of installation is a key feature of our sleepers, making them a practical choice for landscaping in Mt. Gambier. Fully compliant with the Australian Standard for Concrete Structures (AS 3600), our products offer a perfect balance of strength, style, and practicality. Ideal for both private gardens and public spaces, they enhance Mt. Gambier’s natural beauty and architectural heritage with functionality and visual appeal.

Watch the video to see just how strong our concrete sleepers are!

Adelaide Concrete Sleepers

About Outback Sleepers Australia

With a history spanning over 20 years, Outback Sleepers Australia stands as a family-run leader in producing premium concrete sleepers and retaining walls. Established in South Australia and now expanding our reach to Mt Gambier, we are committed to delivering excellence in our product range and customer service. Our growth from a small-scale workshop to a prominent player in the industry reflects our dedication to innovation and our reputation as Australia’s foremost supplier of retaining walls. Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our offerings, including the high-strength 60 MPa concrete sleepers, are benchmarks in the industry for durability and quality.
  • Tailored for Mt Gambier: Custom-designed for the distinctive landscapes of Mt Gambier, our sleepers and walls perfectly balance strength with visual appeal.
  • Customer-Focused: Catering to individual homeowners and trade clients, we provide tailored service and professional guidance.

Discover more About us and our journey, values, and comprehensive product range.

Mt. Gambier Concrete Sleepers Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to both the public and trade in Mt. Gambier?

Yes, we cater to the general public and trade customers in Mt. Gambier, offering a wide range of options for your next project.

What are the delivery options for Mt. Gambier?

We offer convenient delivery services across Mt. Gambier. You can also pickup your order directly from our warehouse. Our sales team is ready to help you with the weight and size specifications for your order. Please contact our Mt. Gambier office at (02) 4211 0701 or use our Live Chat.

Aside from Mt.Gambier, our services are also available in various areas within and around South Australia, including Clare, Whyalla, Renmark, Port Lincoln, Port Augusta, Riverland, Naracoorte, and Mildura.

When is engineering required for retaining walls?

Typically, any retaining wall over 1m in height in Mt. Gambier requires engineering and council approval. However, this can vary, so it’s best to check with your local council. We can provide installation guidance and can quote for supplies needed for DIY projects or professional setups.

Can the concrete sleepers be cut to size?

Yes, all our sleepers can be cut to size. Please note that we do not offer a cutting service. Our sleepers fit 100uc and 150uc steel options.

For more information, please see this blog article regarding cutting your sleepers

Please can you explain the difference between an I beam and a C channel?

Sure – the C channel is for the start and finish of the wall (and for creating corners) and the I beam is for the continuation of the sleeper wall (i.e. it connects each sleeper bay). We also supply fence brackets for added support.

I Beams can also be known as H beams, UB (Universal Beam), joiners etc.

C Channels can also be known as end pieces, PFC, U piece etc.

What is the difference between Galvanised and Primed steel?

Our Primed steel is powder coated red and can be painted any colour you wish, or treated with rust prevention solutions. 

Galvanised steel is easier to work with because you can put it straight into the ground. There is no need to paint or treat it, unlike Primed steel. As it’s hot dipped galvanised, it will last a long time before rusting occurs.

Do you provide installation services in Mt. Gambier?

Afraid not – we simply manufacture and supply.

Please contact our office in Adelaide at (08) 8387 9227 or message us on our Live Chat if you’d like us to recommend some installers for your local area.

We also have an installation guide on page 12 in our Product Guide.

What are the dimensions of your sleepers?

Our sleepers come in 2m and 2.4m lengths, 200mm high and they come in a range of thicknesses to cater for different wall heights.

We also manufacture 2m and 2.4m Cribs (100mm high) for each of our sleeper designs.

Contact us to discuss the best options for your property at (08) 8387 9227 or message us on our Live Chat for more information.

Can you supply the steel?

Yes – we can supply you with any type, size and length of retaining wall steel posts.

We don’t charge for the delivery of steel if it’s delivered with your sleepers. *

* Certain exclusions apply i.e. large quantities and long lengths of steel)

Do your products come with warranty?

Yes – for more information visit our warranty page here.

Do you deliver and what with?

Yes – we deliver via Semi-Trailer and unload using an All-Terrain Forklift. Returns and exchanges are handled efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can we pick up orders?

Yes – you can pick up direct from our factory. Please call  (08) 8387 9227 or message us on our Live Chat in advance so we can prepare your order.

Please note that due to WHS regulations and general road safety issues we can’t load cars, vans, station wagons etc with Concrete Sleepers, regardless of the size and quantity of the order.

How high can the sleeper wall be built?

You can build retaining walls up to 4m high using our engineered sleepers (subject to council approval and engineering).

The illustration below shows how you could construct your wall using our different 2m sleepers.

Can you retain using Under Fence Plinth’s (UFP’s)?

No – UFP’s are not engineered and designed to retain heavy compaction.

A light back fill (i.e. garden soil or bark) is fine, however if paving and concrete will be against the UFP’s then sleepers should be used instead. Please see the UFP page for more info.

UFP’s primary function is to fill the gap underneath a fence, prolong the life of the fence panel by preventing it from rusting and provide extra privacy.

What size steel do I need?

The general rule, unless otherwise stated by an engineer, is that whatever is out of the ground must be in the ground. For example, an 800mm high wall must have 800mm of steel in the ground as well. Therefore, the steel length should be 1600mm.

It is recommended that you always go a minimum of 600mm into the ground. 

Where can I see a display of the sleepers?

Please see the ‘Resellers’ page to locate your nearest Reseller with a display.

Are you open on the weekend?

Unfortunately, not – please see our opening hours below;

Office hours 7.30 am – 5.00pm     Monday to Friday

Pick Up hours 7.30 am – 4.30pm     Monday to Friday

*All times are ACST (Australian Central Standard Time)

How much are the sleepers?

Please contact us on (02) 4211 0701 or message us on our Live Chat so we can provide you with pricing to suit your requirements.

Get in touch with us for more details.

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