Retaining Wall Steel Posts

Complete Range of Steel Posts for Retaining Walls.

Our warehouse carries an extensive selection of steel posts, including the highly sought-after UC, PFC, and UB ranges, ready to support your retaining wall projects. Our stock is vast, ensuring we have the exact specifications your project demands—from the more compact 100 UC to the robust 310 UC, versatile PFC options, and the adaptable UB sizes.

Understanding that every project is unique, especially those requiring detailed engineering specifications, we’re here to supply any steel type your design dictates. Our goal is to simplify your project logistics by offering bundled delivery of steel posts and sleepers, saving you both time and money. Quality and accuracy are our top priorities, guaranteeing you receive the right steel post type for your retaining wall’s needs.

For those needing steel ahead of other materials, our Steel Only delivery service is at your disposal. Just reach out to our dedicated sales team, always ready to assist with pricing, advice, and arranging your order to ensure your project proceeds without a hitch.

Connect with us today at 08 8387 9227 or to secure the best in steel post quality and service for your retaining wall project.

*Restrictions apply for lengths of steel over 2.4m and also large amounts of steel.

PFC C Channel Steel Post for Retaining Walls
(PFC) C Channel Steel Post

Boost the robustness and longevity of your retaining wall with our selection of Galvanised C Channel Steel Posts. Perfectly suited for Aussie landscaping projects, our PFC steel posts are built to withstand the harsh elements, ensuring your retaining wall remains stable and strong for years to come.

Our C Channel posts come in a range of sizes starting from 125 x 65, suitable for various applications. Please note, we do not recommend using 100 x 45 Steel for our products.

(UC/UB) I/H Beam Steel Posts.

Our I/H Beam Steel Posts are the backbone of any robust retaining wall. The UC and UB sections provide a variety of sizes for different load-bearing requirements. Galvanised for maximum durability, these posts ensure your wall can handle the demanding Aussie outdoor conditions.

We offer a range starting from the lighter 120 UB 65 to the more substantial 150 UB 14, catering to a range of engineering needs.

H Beams - UC and UB Steel Post for Retaining Walls
UC/UB H-Beam Steel Post

Sleeper Lifters.

For easy installation of sleepers. Save time and your back by lifting our sleepers safely.  Sleeper Lifter can be used with a bobcat, dingo or excavator, allowing the sleepers to be put in place without straining yourselves. Suitable for installing sleepers in walls of any height.

Australian Designed and Manufactured. Certified testing number NAS4599. Rated for up to 350kg.

Fence Brackets.

Designed for use with the outback sleepers steel posts for easy installation of a fence on top of a retaining wall. These galvinised fence brackets are specifically designed to facilitate the installation process, making it easier to attach the fence securely to the top of the retaining wall.

Want to install a timber fence on top of your retaining wall?

Outback Sleepers certainly has you covered! when installing timber fences on top of retaining walls, using suitable timber fence brackets is crucial for ensuring a secure and stable connection. Timber fence brackets are designed to attach timber rails or posts to the retaining wall, providing a reliable and robust installation solution.

We also sell the packs of Nuts & Bolts if required in either a 25 pack or 50 pack

Fence Bracket Sizes

Hot Dipped Galvanised 700x48x5mm

Hot Dipped Galvanised 700x70x8mm (Suitable for Timber Fence Installations)

*It’s essential to consult with professionals or experts in the field of fencing and retaining wall installation to determine the best-suited products for your specific project. Additionally, familiarize yourself with any local building codes and regulations that may dictate specific requirements for fence installation on top of retaining walls in your area.

Ag Pipe for Drainage.

Slotted Stock: 100mm x 20m

Ag pipe, also known as agricultural pipe or agricultural drainage pipe, is a type of perforated pipe used behind a retaining wall can be an effective method to manage water drainage and prevent potential issues such as soil saturation and structural damage.

*It’s important to follow local building codes and regulations when installing drainage systems behind retaining walls. Additionally, seeking advice from a professional or consulting with a landscaping or construction expert can help ensure that the AG pipe installation is carried out effectively and in line with the specific requirements of the project

Wheel Stops.

Concrete Wheel Stops are solid blocks usually placed at parking spaces, edges to prevent vehicles from overhanging. They serve as physical barriers, ensuring car stops in designated areas, preventing potential damage or obstruction.

Product details

 Complies to Aus Standard AS2890.1:2004
 Dimensions: 1650 (L) x 100 (H) x 150 (W)
 45 kg p/unit
 13 units per pack 315 kg p/pack
 Manufactured with 60 MPa Concrete Strength
 2 x N10 Reinforcing Bars (1590mm length)


Downloadable PDF Product Guide

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Our Process.

1. Get a block of land that requires retaining or you need to replace an existing timber retaining wall.
2. Contact Outback Sleepers Australia to discuss your requirements.
3. Choose your preferred sleeper design.
4. Finalise steel posts.
5. We deliver the posts to your site (or you can collect from our warehouse or distributers).
6. Installation and construction of the wall can begin. If required, we can also recommend you a list of outstanding installers in your local area.

Case Studies.

Case Study #1.

AS3600/2009 Compliant

To comply with the recent Australian Standards all concrete sleepers are 60MPa. Concrete complies with AS3600/2009. All reinforcing bar is ACRS Compliant. Outback Sleepers are engineered stronger and lighter.


Case Study #2.

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Case Study #3.

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