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Under Fence Plinths Adelaide

Are you having issues with your neighbours fence? Fill in the bottom gap in your fence through an under fence plinths Adelaide. Purchase your UFPs in Adelaide from Outback Sleepers Australia, your most trusted partner when it comes to concrete wall, plinths, and steps. We are a supplier of quality concrete sleepers, steps, UFPs, brackets, steel posts, and lifters. Our top quality is a result of years of experience in the landscaping industry that began humbly through a small backyard production of concrete sleepers. Now in a full capacity manufacturing plant, we provide concrete materials that have evolved with technology, function, and standard requirements. We are proud to be a South Australian owned company that has been serving Adelaide for more than two decades. Learn about how we could help in your landscaping needs by browsing through our products on our website or you can call us directly at (08) 8387 9227.

Under Fence Plinths Adelaide

Your Partner Supplier in Under Fence Plinths Adelaide

Outback Sleepers is your trusted supplier when it comes to under fence plinths Adelaide at competitive prices. Cover the gaps in your fences with the use of UFPs that are durable and functional as well. In fact, it is very easy to install or assemble UFPs on your fences. Refer first to your modular fence installation guide for the parts of your fence. Install the fence posts, with the C channels at the ends of the fence, and the H or I beams in between fence spans. Remove the bottom rail of your fence and place the first UFP as the bottom row. UFPs can be at 100mm or 200mm heights but cannot go beyond two UFPs on the stack, or a maximum of 400mm only. Replace the bottom rail and then follow through with the remainder of the fence. If you need assistance, you may call us so we can recommend a professional installer.

Quality Materials for your Home or Office

Choose only concrete materials from Outback Sleepers. We make our products based on Australian Standards for Concrete Structures (AS 3600). Our current sleeper innovation is a result of years of experience and research and we have just released our lightest and strongest sleepers recently. With a strength of 60MPa, they are meant to withstand load, erosion, weather, and other elements. We also have a wide distribution reach within metropolitan Adelaide, regional South Australia, and Melbourne. If you want to know where to buy, just use our online search tool here. We can also help you identify a reliable installer in case you will not be able to do the installation yourself. Our friendly and accommodating staff both in the production and sales are very much willing to help you out with your concerns about landscaping, the use of UFPs and concrete sleepers. Call us today and find out how we could be of help to you.

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You may visit our office at 17 Lindsay Road, Lonsdale, South Australia, 5160. We are open to serve you from 7:30am until 5pm.

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