35-Year Product Warranty

35-Year Product Warranty

At Outback Sleepers Australia we have the utmost confidence that our products are manufactured to the highest quality, which is why we are now offering a 35-Year Product Warranty for our 2m and 2.4m sleepers.

We want our customers to purchase our products with confidence and to have total peace of mind knowing that they have purchased a quality Australian made product that has been designed and engineered to stand the test of time in Australian conditions.

To support the trades and the industry we have a stipulation on the warranty that it is only applicable if the retaining wall and our products are installed by a licensed retaining wall builder / contractor.

Please note that it is a Product Warranty only and is not a warranty on the workmanship of the retaining wall.

*UFP’s, Cribs, Step Kits and Steel products are excluded from the warranty – the full terms and conditions of the Warranty are available here

How the Warranty Works

We’ve made the Warranty as simple as possible to operate for our Trade customers who we know are very busy;

  • Contractor finishes the job at their customer’s house and is handing over the job;
  • Contractor completes the Warranty card and gives it to the customer;
35-Year Product Warranty (002)
  • It is the customers obligation to Activate their Product Warranty on our website by transferring the info provided by the Contractor on the Warranty card into the field boxes online – see below;
  • Once all details are entered and submitted an email will be sent confirming the warranty has been successfully registered.

For more information please call the Sales Office on (08) 8387 9227 or contact us via sales@outbacksleepers.com.au

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