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The Most Sought-After Retaining Wall Price Adelaide By Landscaping Companies

We provides worldclass retaining wall price Adelaide with worldclass quality thanks to our state of the art equipment. We started out as a small concrete sleepers production company under the management skills of Michael Ineson. Michael, who was a highly respected at the time retaining wall contractor, turned his dream into reality in 2000 when he established the most prominent concrete sleepers corporation, Outback Sleepers Australia. Our products have evolved from simple precast concrete retaining walls into a variety of patterned concrete products like concrete steps. The grade and quality have attracted clients from all over Australia which have given excellent feedback on our website. For more information on our pricing, complete a Quick Quote and we’ll send pricing to you right away.

Retaining Wall Price Adelaide

How We Provide The Best Retaining Wall Price Adelaide

Our sleeper products are known as one of the best in Australia. We have set high standards concerning the manufacture of our products and we assure our clients that the items delivered straight to their location are the highest quality in Australia. We have a quick process whereby a skilled team of professionals can install your retaining wall and help with engineering if needed. Clients are assured that whether the attachment is for residential or commercial landscapes, our talented installers will provide a quality service working accurately and efficiently in completing tasks. Furthermore, your garden can be transformed with our perfect designs of retaining walls and we will provide you with the perfect solution through easy delivery, recommending legitimate installers and competitive prices for retaining wall price Adelaide.

Providing The Services And Products Of The Retaining Wall Price Adelaide

Our detailed services and products provide high quality performance, quality reproduction and manufacture of concrete sleepers for retaining walls. Positive testimonials have been pouring in as we continue to offer the best in Australian-made sleepers, in accordance to the Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures. Our newly developed online Quick Quote and Live Chat systems give you lightning fast response, which means a happier experience for you. If you’re a repeat buyer, we’ll have you records on file, which means placing another order is super quick. Our shop assures optimum service as we cater to our clients.

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Call (08) 8387 9227 or visit our Lonsdale plant for enquiries. We also sell a range of  building materials, including under fence plinths and steel support posts.

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*** Estimated quantities calculated on supply using 2m sleepers

**** Outback Sleepers Australia accepts no liability for estimated quantities for sleepers and steel posts. It is the customer’s responsibility to check product suitability for the project application and if required, seek Council approval and professional Engineering advice.

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