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Are you looking for designs for your garden retaining wall? Contact Outback Sleepers today! We offer a wide gamut of retaining wall ideas to choose from. Browse our collection and discover the various styles and types of retaining walls for your own space. This is a company specialised in concrete wall sleepers and concrete wall panels, established by Michael Ineson in January 2000 in Adelaide.

We come with a wide range of products including precast concrete steps to precast concrete wall panels. We also have a variety of supporting building materials available for purchase such as under fence plinths and steel support posts. Our manufacturing plant employs over twenty people and is a well-established company providing full customer satisfaction along with fast delivery throughout South Australia and Victoria. If you need any advice on landscaping costs or retaining wall ideas, contact our friendly and helpful support team at (08) 8387 9227.

Retaining Wall Ideas

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As you know, retaining walls are an attractive and functional solution for the landscape of your yard. They can be used to create a special area for everything from your patios, parking lots, paths, and anything else that requires a flat surface. At Outback Sleepers, we offer a range of retaining wall solutions to fit your commercial as well as residential needs.

We are here to help you build top-quality retaining walls. Are you confused with choosing which design is the best fit for you? No worries, our experienced team members can help you select from our range of retaining wall options. We provide a range of materials for the wall construction including modular blocks, natural stones, and retaining wall systems. Everything is available in our stock you are looking for. If you require a new or replacement wall at your home or business, we can help you.

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Want to build the perfect retaining wall in your space? We recommend you choose us. We ensure you provide the best results every time. Before making the investment, you can consult our experts to learn more about our services and designs we have for you.

We are very loyal and if you still have any doubt, you can ask our regular customers for their feedback. We are confident we can help provide with the best retaining wall ideas for your project. Whenever any new client comes to us, he will stay with us forever. We ensure you’ll never be disappointed with what we serve. Another reason people love us is our affordable prices and quality work. Make your investment once and forget about it for years.

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