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Wall building Adelaide has never been this easy through the use of modular sleepers. Outback Sleepers Australia has provided Adelaide and SA’s landscaping industry with the lightest and strongest sleepers yet. We are a proudly South Australian owned and operated business that aims to serve Australia with the best quality concrete sleepers and reinforcements for all its construction and landscaping needs. Owing to our humble beginnings of manual and small scale production in our backyard about two decades ago, we have grown into a full manufacturing and sales company that uphold quality and customer satisfaction. We have made wall building Adelaide for retaining walls and fences hassle free as well as compliant to specific building standards. Know about the products we can offer you by browsing our website. You can also visit our Facebook page here and check out our successful landscape projects. Give us a call at (08) 8387 9227 and let us know how we could be of help.

Wall Building Adelaide

Engineered Concrete for Your Wall Building Adelaide Application

We make the strongest, highest quality sleepers in Australia. Our sleeper concrete grade is at 60MPa and can go as high as 4 meters. This specification allows us to be compliant to Australian Standard 3600 standard for concrete structures, while all our reinforcing bars are ACRS compliant too. Please note that any wall exceeding 1 meter requires council approval and necessary engineering. You must also ensure there is no compaction or backfill within a distance of 0.75 of the wall height. Surcharge loads like existing retaining walls, structure or buildings are only allowed at a distance beyond two times the wall height. If you‘d like to know what government standards you need to comply with before wall building Adelaide, please call us on (08) 8387 9227. On the phone we can also recommended professional installers who can work with you to install your retaining wall.

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We’re the only company you need to contact when it comes to the strongest, most reliable, and best looking  sleepers. We have different concrete sleepers to choose from and they vary in color and finish: Blackwood, Brighton, Carrum, Cove, Kensington, Lonsdale, McLaren, Sorrento, and Stirling concrete sleepers. We have worked over the years to give you a well-researched and engineered concrete that will serve just right for your retaining walls. Our friendly staff are more than willing to accommodate you at our Adelaide office at 17 Lindsay Road Lonsdale, SA. We have made the ordering process convenient by providing delivery and pick up options. Pick ups can be done from 7:30am to 4pm. If Lonsdale is too far from your area, do check out our distributors across regions in SA by using our online locator here. Get in touch with us now and experience hassle free customer service and excellent products.

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